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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Prehistoric Book list 1st grade level.


  1. Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World
  2. Parragon Encyclopedia of World History
  3. Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History
  4. DK Eyewitness
  5. Leap through time
  6. Children's History of the World (I liked the secular nature of History Odyssey and having all the books organized for me).


  1. The First Dog- Jan Brett *This one was really neet to read
  2. Ugh- Author Yorunks
  3. Your Mother Was A Neanderthal- Jon Scieszka (And other Time Warp Trio books)
  4. Little Grunt and The Big Egg- Tomie dePaola **I really like this book***
  5. Mik's Mammoth- Roy Gerrard
  6. Stanley- Syd Hoff ( I have a comment about Stanley by Syd Hoff. I got this book from thelibrary when we were doing pre-history last fall and although it is a nicelittle first reader my five year old pointed out several inconsistencies.The one I remember were the cartoon illustrations show the cave men running around with dinosaurs, which of course was not possible)..
  7. Sunset of the Sabertooth- Mary Pope Osborne
  8. Quennu and the Cave Bear- Marie Day
  9. The Cave Painter of Lascauz- Roberta Angeletti
  10. A is for Aarrgh!- William J. Brooke
  11. First Painter- Kathryn Lasky
  12. The Kin (series)-Peter Dickinson
  13. In The Ice Age- J.C. Greenburg
  14. Great Big Guinea Pigs- Susan L. Roth
  15. Good Times Travel Agency Series by Linda Baily. (You can also find them by searching under "Adventures in xxxx" They have an Ice Age one, Ancient Greece, Ancient China and more. We love those. They are kind of comic book style but do have good information in them.)
  16. One Small Blue Bead" by Baylor
  17. Right Here on this Spot" by Addy
  18. "Maroo of the Winter Caves" by Turnbull (read aloud -- middle grade
    fiction and not for sensitive kids)
  19. "A Cartoon History of the Earth" by Bailey and Lilly (four slim volumes, not to be confused with Gonick's "Cartoon History of the Universe," which is another excellent resource, but not appropriate for younger kids)
  20. "Life Story" written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton
  21. The Stone Age Sentinel. (It's one of that series of psuedo newspapers/tabloids. It might be a bit over the head of a 6 or 7 year old, but they're fun.)


  1. “Lift the Lid” kits
  2. Making a footprint
  3. “Cave Painting” on Rocks (grind pigment and mix own paint)
  4. Dinosaur excavation kit

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