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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Why I'm making this blog

This is going to be my personal catch-all space on the web. I was inspired by my friend Vanessa Stacy, who has a terrific multi-topic blog/website/thingy. In fact, most of the good ideas I have for my web sites, I "borrow" from Vanessa.

I have a "work" website and I keep a MySpace account related to work, but I really wanted a place where I can express, share, document, store, and comment on all the things that go on in my life. Most poeple who are interested in my work life are not, after all, going to be fascinated with my new recipe or my son's cirriculum. And I don't want to share the details of my iffy relationship with my mother or my battle with my weight with people who, for their entertainment and my paycheck, need to have a fantasy image of me.

My work is a part of who I am , like it is for almost everyone. I like my job, in spite of the fact that it is not exactly rocket science. But it's still just a part of me. I have a constant underlying fear, whenever I post on any home-school related board or e-mail group, that people would not ever talk to me if they knew what I do to pay my bills. I feel un-comfy on many home-school sites, to say the least.

Therefore, this is my own spot to "let it all hang out." Everything. The bills, the pounds, the homeschool chaos, the cats, the kiddo, you name it. I'm writing this mainly for me. LIke he says at the beginning of The Story of B., most people who begin a journal do so with the suspicion that they are writing not just for themselves, but for posterity. I guess I'm doing that, too. I hope some of the stuff I put here, like book lists and so on, are helpful to others.

But this is me. Take it or leave it, as you please.

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