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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hundreds of stuffed animals

Hubby and I just got a new king sized bed. Concurrently I am attempting to fix up a small bedroom on our ground floor as a school room. These two things together are unleashing a huge shit-storm of stuff that has to be moved and stuff that has to happen before the next thing can get done.

(There was an episode of M*A*S*H* like that. Hawkeye needed new boots, so he had to get the supply sargent in to see the dentist. The dentist wanted a pass to Tokyo in return for seeing the supply sargent. Radar wanted a date with a nurse before he would prepare the pass paperwork, and the nurse wanted a new hair dryer before she would date Radar. And so on.)

So it goes like this: Our old twin beds we were using while saving for the new king bed got moved into my exercise room, along with Kiddo's toddler bed, which was also in our room, taking up space. One of the beds went into Kiddo's loft today, and half the books in there had to come out to go into the new school room. The toddler bed is one of those lifetime things that goes from a crib to a toddler bed to a big-size bed, and can also be a love seat. So it went into the school room, too. I had to pull out a bunch of junk that was stored in the school room (like boxes of pictures and memorabilia) in order to even have room to move around in the school room. All that crap is now in the office, which is also supposed to turn into a guest room and receive the other twin bed, which is still clogging up my exercise room. And in order to have room to install the new "big boy" bed in the loft, we had to move Kiddo's 782 stuffed animals out of the loft and put them on his train tables in the play room.

So here's what I have now:

  • The animals need to get off the train table, so the trains can get off the floor. In order to get the animals off the train tables, I need a place to put them. There is a very nice corner which is now occupied by a train and an easel. The easel needs to get into the school room, which at the moment has so many books on the floor nobody can move. So to get my son's room clean, I have to start with the books in the school room.
  • My exercise room is unusable at the moment because the second spare bed is in there. In order to get the bed out of there, I need to get the office cleared out. Clearing out the office involves sorting through a dozen or so boxes of god-knows-what. Some of these boxes contain framed pictures that need to be hung on the various walls in our house. There are also my doll collection and my model horse collection, which I don't now what I am going to do with. I could store them in the basement except:
  • There is a closet in the basement where I now store gifts which I pick up when I find good ones, and keep until the appropriate birthday or holiday. I need to clean that one out 'cuz hubby wants to use it to hang his uniforms. He now uses the closet in my exercise room, which I want him to vacate so I can use it for costumes, which are now sharing space with me street clothes in one ill-conceived closet. Storing anything else in the basement is a no-go until 1) I find a place for all the stored gifts and 2) we get a dehumidifier. We have a closet in the office/guest room but--guess what--it is also filled with miscellaneous crap. In order to get my exercise room clean, I need to clean the closet in my office.
  • As an extension of the above problem, in order to have my closet organized and laundry room neat, I need to clean the storage area at the end of the basement.
Man, just thinking about it is exhausting.

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