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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Fourmother tagged me with this meme. I feel honored to get it, as I have not gotten an award in a long time, and never one for my blog! Kisses to you, Fourmother.

I had to think a bit about this before I could write about it. Today was the first day in a week I actually managed to get up at 6 so I could write, and ta-da! the ideas for this entry were already in my head. I can't make any references to the TV show at all, because I don't believe I was allowed to watch it. I had to look on Wikipedia to find out about the golden bracelets and the lasso of truth and so on.

But what I can do is talk about the sense of wonder I try to cultivate in myself and my kiddo. Super Ted has caught the spirit of this, too, which is wonderful. (Oops! no pun intended!) We love looking at little things in nature and discovering how amazing they are. The endless variety of ways the sky can look with clouds of various types, shapes and number. . . . the way ladybugs know they are safe in our house . . . an aging, one-eyes mouse in the park district green house that was patient enough to let my son watch him nose around among the plants . . . These are all sources of wonder for us.

Along with wonder comes gratitude. I am so thankful for the home I have, my husband and son, and the life we live. I am thankful for my job and my husband's job (not glamorous, but hey, they are better than some). I am also thankful for all the millions of veterans who gave thiner time, their health, their liberty, and their lives so we can live in a nation that supports our rights of free expression and our right to educate our children as we see fit.

Time to pass it on. Here are my personal wonder women:

Heather at Supernatural World, whose blog got me hooked on reading and writing blogs. somehow following a link of hers lead me to The Denim Jumper, an awesome site for secular home schoolers.

Lana at HoboStripper. Lana is an amazing woman, who follows her own unique path. She dances naked, lives in her van, travels everywhere, and lives a life I would like to have in an alternate reality. When I die, I hope I can come back as Lana.

Paris Love, ex-stripper at Stripped Bare. I love that Paris is so honest and well-informed. Actually, I read her blog to keep up on the news.

TRIMAXION. I know her as Maxine from another web site. This is another neato, amazing woman who has had an amazing life. One of my ambitions has been to tour the mid western clubs in the hope of "accidentally" meeting her someday.

Ree at Pioneer Woman. This is another woman whose life I would love to have. She is a serious photographer (serious enough to have had at least one gallery show) and a real life cowgirl living on a cattle ranch. When I get done being Lana,I would like to be Ree.


Fourmother said...

I was happy to pass it on to you. BTW, love your blog's new look!

Tara said...

Thanks! :)