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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What are you doing after work?

That's one of my favoirtie things guys ask me. I know they are secretly wishing I would say, "Nothing more important that going over to your place . . . ."

Well. Today was supposed to be my "early" night. I was scheduled to get off at 8. At 7:40, a good friend and former extremely good regular customer dropped in to see me. Why do people like that always show up at the end of the shift? Where are they at 4:15, when there is nobody in the bar and I am dying for someone to talk to? Well, anyway, I had to sit and chat for a few minutes and then had to have a chat in the dressing room, too, and so didn't get out until almost 8:30.

Then I had errands to run. Yep. I do some of my best errand running after work. First I dropped by the discount liquor store to stock up on wine. Then I ran down to the grocery store to grab some groceries. I don't know that store well, ands the self-checkout thingie was freaked out by my reusable grocery bags, so that took almost 2 hours. Then I ran through a drive-through for coffee and a rather lousy facsimile of dinner (diet resumes Monday--I swear!) and dropped off what little remained of my earnings at the bank. Then when I finally got home at almost midnight (did I mention the snow all over the roads on the way home?) I found my house looked like an explosion in a Goodwill shop. SO I cleaned my kitchen, ran the dishwasher, left a message for the dishwasher repair guy, put away my groceries, and started a loaf of bread. Took out the compost and the trash. Fed the critters.

After that I took a break and read some of my friends' blogs.

Then I did 2 loads of laundry, folded some backed-up laundry that had been waiting for me to take care of it, hauled some stuff down to the freezer, and put a deep-cleansing oil treatment on my face. It is now 4:12 a.m. The only reason I am here at the computer is because I need to kill a little time and let the oil soak in before I go take a shower.

I have only been back to work 2 days, and I already remember why I needed a vacation!


Heather said...

Vacations are great. Get a break from all that stress, kick back and take it easy. But going back to work again sucks, because after all that relaxing, work seems even more stressful by comparison. A friend told me after her first day back to work, "After today, I'm thinking of talking with my husband about whether or not I need to work at all."

I'm sure you'll find your rhythm again (if you had one in the first place, that is). Here's hoping you don't pull all your hair out before you do ;)

Holly said...

Umm, when do you sleep?

MOM #1 said...

Dang! You did all of that AFTER you got off work at 8:30PM? I guess you win the award for official "SuperMom."

I would have picked up some take-out on the way home and beat my kid to bed. LOL.

No, seriously.