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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jessica Junior

We got the box of new Jessicas the other day. Ted took one with him this morning, and then brought it home, telling Kiddo that the Mexican Restaurant had called and said they had found her.

Oh, the joy! I wish we had videotaped it. First he cradled her in his hands, and said, "Jessica???" as if he really couldn't believe it. Then his whole face lit up as he clutched her to his chest. He danced around the house with her. He made up little songs for her. He was unbelievably ecstatic. He held her in his hands while we were reading, and of course he took her (and her dog) off to bed with him.

The new Jessica is cleaner and a brighter green than the last one, which he attributes alternately to someone at the restaurant cleaning her up, and her having a good bath at her home on the Forbidden Planet (like in the movie.) The new one also has a few beans in the stuffing, which he says are there because she ate them at the Mexican restaurant.

Thank God for the resilience of young imaginations!


Holly said...

It's so wonderful how he has taken to Jessica 2. We have a spare Jake, just in case. However, he has taken suddenly to DH's stuffed animal from his childhood (will it never end?), renamed Fuzzball. We'll never find a replacement Fuzzball.

The madness I tell you.

I love the part about eating beans.

Not Jenny said...

Your little guy sounds awesome. I am so glad that Jessica came home. I have been following your story hoping for the best.
(But not in a stalker-y way.......)