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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Proud of my Son

Today we went to homeschool group and then stopped at a forest preserve to take a short hike and visit the nature center. Kiddo wanted to make a craft, so the nature center people kindly told us to help ourselves to the supplies. We had noticed some taxidermied animals in the nature center, and Kiddo asked if they had been shot. I told him I didn't think so; the animals had likely been found dead from natural causes. But he was very adamant and concerned that nobody shoot animals in the forest preserve. So for his craft, he made a diamond-shaped sign with a picture of a gun with the red circle-slash over it, and the words NO SHOOTING written on. He got permission to tape it up in the window of the nature center.

As he was taping up his sign, he told the nature-center lady, "Nobody should shoot at the animals, because they are defenseless." He said it in such a cute, matter-of-fact way.

I love it that he cares so much for animals, and even bugs. This evening he made a temporary cage for a lady bug so that it would not fly up in the ceiling fan and get hurt. What a sweetheart. I have heard it said that the true character of a man shows in the way he treats animals. That says a lot for my son.


Holly said...

I love the ladybug story. He has a great heart.

Freakmom said...

It is nice to see people who care about other creatures!

MOM #1 said...

That's so great that you're raising an little animal lover. What a great idea for a sign. And it's great that they let him put it up in the window to remind others how to behave.

What we can learn from children is incredible.

Erin said...

My kid is so loving and wonderful. When we first moved to this house, we didn't know that ladybugs had been hibernating in the attic. (We didn't know they hibernated anywhere, to be honest.) Well, about April, when they all woke up and started coming out, We were overrun with them. Kiddo tried t make pets out of them, and gave them all names. Then he very carefully and lovingly carried them all outside so they could be free.

Later that year, when the geese were migrating, my husband and son were fishing in the wildlife preserve. (No fear, it's a hunting-and-fishing preserve, so fishing is legal so long as you have a license. My guys are all about catch-and-release anyway.) OF course, the hunters were shooting at the geese as they were trying to land on the river. And her is my little 5-year-old, standing on the bank of the river and waving his arms, yelling "Don't land! Keep flying! They're shooting down here!"

I believe that all the creatures on this earth are in this life together, each gives to and takes from all the others. I believe we should be as kind as possible to other creatures, and not cause undue suffering. I guess this is rubbing off on my son (and my husband, believe it or not).

SabrinaT said...

Aww, how sweet! What a good son you have there!

Anonymous said...

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