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Monday, October 8, 2007

Only one question

I have been reading until my eyes are ready to bleed, and I have only one question. It came to me while I was at church today. I want to keep my mom part of my and more importantly my son's life. Kiddo seems to adore his grandma, which apparently is exactly what she needs. My MIL passed away when he was only 6 weeks old, so he has no other grandmothers left. I really, really, really hate to break up that relationship. I am not entirely convinced I have to break it off completely.

So here is the question:

How can I be kind to my mother, while protecting my son and myself?


1 comment:

Fourmother said...

You identify your boundaries and defend them. You learn that the behavior isn't about you. You find a way to cherry pick what you take away from your experiences with the person. It gets less difficult with time. Your boundaries will get stronger and the person might learn to respect them. Therapy helps me answer this question in my own life.

Keep writing. Hugs to your. (((Erin)))