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Friday, November 30, 2007

This week at St. Brigid's

So we went back to a normal (for us) routine at the beginning of the week. This involves morning quiet time, morning play time, reading Alice in Wonderland at the breakfast table (a tradition we started in pre-school and both have always loved) and then on to lessons. This weeks lessons included:

  • The Bible story of Samuel
  • Grammar & Handwriting (nouns and proper names.)
  • Memory work (From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson and a bit of Shakespeare)
  • Math (addition facts)
  • Story Time (Greek Myths and Legends)

They made an Advent Calender out of Reece's Peanut Butter cups for Library Reading Club.

Super Ted says at Cub Scouts they did some bullshit repetition of stuff Kiddo already did at Day Camp.

We skipped ice skating this week because kiddo has a horrible cough.

Our art project was making cloth "wrapping paper" for Christmas. We also baked some yummy pumpkin bread. Service Learning was helping out at the local Main Street committee.

No lessons yesterday or today because kiddo's cough medicine knocks him out. He is going to Grandma's today to have dinner with her and her friends, and hopefully his cough will be sufficiently under control for him to go to hockey tomorrow.

I am resigning myself to not getting a bunch of actual lessons done this coming month, because we will be doing a lot of crafts and kitchen gifts for the holidays. Super Ted and Kiddo will be doing a bunch of decorating. Of course, I will need to start preparing the Christmas Eve dinner, and there will be a bunch of parties to go to. It's all good.

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